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Ms. Pearson's Science Site

Physical Science Class
Physical science LFC
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AP Enviromental Science
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Welcome to the Academy of Richmond County in Augusta, GA.
This site is designed to help students in Physical Science and Advanced Placement Environmental Science prepare for tests, projects, exams, and keep up with assignments.  To contact Ms. Pearson directly, please send your email to:

Report Card Periods
  1. 1st six weeks ends on 9/17/04    Report cards go home: 9/27/04
  2. 2nd six weeks ends on 10/29/04  Report cards go home: 11/8/04
  3. 3rd six weeks ends on 12/17/04   Report cards go home: 1/10/05
  4. 4th six weeks ends on 2/11/05    Report cards go home: 2/22/05
  5. 5th six weeks ends on 3/24/05    Report cards go home: 4/11/05
  6. 6th six weeks ends on 5/20/05    Report cards go home: 5/25/05


First semester exam schedule:

12/14/04     Period 1

12/15/04     Periods 2 & 3

12/16/04     Periods 4 & 5

12/17/04     Periods 6 & 7

How to Succeed in Science:
  1. Come to class every day.
  2. Be on time to class every day.
  3. Bring your book, notebook, writing utensils every day.
  4. Come to class with an attitude of willingness to learn.
  5. Do all assigned work.
  6. Ask questions if you don't understand.
  7. If you still don't understand, ask the question again.
  8. Keep asking questions until you understand.
  9. Don't wait until you get a low score to get help from the teacher.  I will gladly meet with you after school and help you study and prepare for the class.
  10. Study each night for about 15 minutes.  For example, read a few pages in your textbook, look over the notes you took in class, practice what we've done in class. 

Here's a thought:
A wise man knows much and says little.  A foolish man knows little and says much. -- unknown
Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country. -- John F. Kennedy