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the help YOU may need in the studying for your exams

Physical Science Class
Physical science LFC
Semester Exams (Review)
AP Enviromental Science
science fair project


  • When studying look over your tests and find what your worse grade you made through out the year. Study write those down first and then answer them 1st.
  • DO NOT WRITE WHAT YOU ALREADY KNOW!!! (you will just be wasting your time.)
  • Group things together and understand what each chapter is and what information it contains that way you could organize the paper according to the chapters
  • Save time and space dont write down what you think you might get wrong just study it. time it takes to look over your notes by then you will have already wasted more than 45 secs.
  • identify junk and key points get rid of the junk and put in only the key points.
  1. if you copy the conversions on your paper make sure you make it a quick reference.
  2. highlight question to identify questions from answers.
  3. Use pensil that way if you mess up you can erase it.
  4. pens bleed so there for make your paper harder to see
  5. boxing sections makes it easier to identify certian section from the other ones FASTER.
  6. color can help you identify one chapter from the others use a (light color pensil) note: [pressing only slightly]
  7. Find out how much you will need to write before you start writing then consider the size you should make the text you could use a computer to print out the lines BUT
  8. you cant print out the paper and think you can use it on the test
  9. you can how ever as far as it goes print out the lines so you can write out the test in a more neat and consistant way rather than on a blank or lined paper. make the lines 50% gray that way your hand writing doesn't fuse with the  lines or any lower grade above 25% should be okay you need to be able to see the lines so you can have nice straight sentences.


This is what i plan on doing, though i dont have as much to study, use this to help! EXPECIALY if you don't know what to do.


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